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Food Prep That Changed In An Instant

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, you are familiar with the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot is, in its essence, a modernized pressure cooker. Our mother’s all had one growing up. It was a steel pot with a locking lid and a little pressure valve on the top that jumped and whistled the entire time you cooked with it. The idea was that high pressure and heat took a meal that would take an hour to prepare, and did it in 20 minutes. It was a great tool for busy homes who didn’t have a lot of time to put together a good meal.

Pressure cookers fell out of favor for a while. You really didn’t see them in many newer homes but fast forward to 2010 and the Instant Pot made its debut. It is, essentially, a pressure cooker for the digital age. It has many different settings and preset cooking features, along with a “Sauté” mode that allows to do almost everything in one pot. You can, of course, sauté, but you can also sear, pan fry and a lot of other techniques you needed additional equipment for. It really does offer a lot of convenience and versatility for the money.

With all of this attention, it’s understandable there are a million Instant Pot recipes all over the web. To help you get more familiar with all the options available using the Instant Pot, we are featuring some of the more popular recipes. Check them out. The Instant Pot is perfect for working families that need to put together a quick, healthy and tasty meal. These recipes were featured on the food website “All Recipes” and “Delish.”